Why Does My Business Need An Attorney?

What does an employment law attorney do

Why does my business need an attorney? You might be asking yourself this as story after story unveils troubling news erupting all over the economic landscape. Mass layoffs over there, new laws being proposed over there…it’s a lot to take in. This, among a few other reasons, is why it helps to have a business litigation attorney by your side. While you’re focusing on guiding your employees and budgeting your monthly figures you can shed some of the legal responsibility to someone who knows what they’re doing.

How Is The Construction Industry Faring?

With so much information coming out of the construction industry, “Why does my business need an attorney?” is one of the smartest questions you can ask. The span between April of 2006 and January of 2011 saw the American construction field eliminating an estimated 40% of its workforce. Back in 2015 the American Arbitration Association administered over 500 construction industry cases, with some of these claims reaching $500,000 or more. As of now the largest construction case was for $2 billion, while the largest arbitration case exceeded $90 million.

What Major Changes Have Cropped Up Over The Years?

Technology changes business from the ground up. It alters what jobs we need, how much we pay for certain services and, of course, the quality of the final product. Construction companies are relying much more on 3D printers nowadays. They use this technology to print concrete materials and reduce the margin for human error, resulting in nicer and safer buildings. Colin Guinn of 3D Robotics has also been analyzing how drones help both engineers and architects tackle their construction tasks with superior accuracy.

What Is The Difference Between Arbitration And Litigation?

A construction attorney will make the legal process much smoother should you come under fire. They can also make it faster. According to data provided by the American Arbitration Association, arbitration cases are resolved much faster than litigation. Federal court statistics have shown a consistent median length of civil cases, be they jury or bench trial, being 27 months. Alternative dispute resolution (also known as ADR) is generally the preferred method of managing conflict when it comes to construction.

What Unique State Laws Should I Know About?

A major aspect you’ll become familiar with when you hire a construction lawyer are the unique laws you’ll come across in each state. Per Texas law a breach of contract claim (one of the most common claims in the construction industry) must be filed within four years. This only changes if the contract specifically states a shorter length of time. A 2005 review of state court civil cases saw plaintiffs winning bench trials around 70% of the time. Consider these odds when you ask, “Why does my business need an attorney?”

What Are My Chances Of Success With A Business Attorney?

When your business is threatened with a lawsuit or is experiencing a breach of contract things can get complicated. You have to work through paperwork, the appeals process and courtroom hearings, just to name a few, and your chances of success are much lower without a professional by your side. Making an appeal in court or looking up your state’s labor law will be much more effective with someone who is up to speed on all the changes affecting the industry and, of course, your brand’s future. Why risk it? You’ve already asked the right question.

Now it’s time to make the right decision.

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