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Divorce, While Heartbreaking, Is Better For You And Your Kids In The End

A million thoughts run through your head when divorce comes up in conversation between you and your husband or wife. It happens. While it is scary, at first, if your relationship is unhealthy then it is time to call it quits. Contrary to popular belief, divorce is good.

With or without the help of a divorce attorney, divorcing your spouse because of an unhealthy relationship is a healthy decision. But how? What about the children?

You, Solitude, And A Second Chance

Divorce after an unhealthy relationship paves the way for many realizations that weren’t apparent when the decision was made. For starters, it is a new lease on life, so to speak. All those fights you would have had every day? Gone. Arguments over meaningless things, cold shoulders and endless nights spent crying? Gone. What is left behind is you. The weight is lifted from your shoulders, and your ex-spouse will probably feel the same. That’s what 19.3 percent of Westwego, LA must be feeling. They hold the title for the highest divorced population in LA, but only come fourth in highest divorce rates out of the United States, 20.8 out of every 1000 marriages, to be specific.

Many individuals find that solitude and loneliness are joined at the hip. However, ask yourself this: would you rather feel alone because you are in a relationship that is toxic, or would you rather be alone, enjoying yourself and your own activities without having to worry about the other person? The saying goes, “Silence is golden.”

Speaking of your own activities, being free of your toxic relationship allows for one to rekindle old passions that may have been pushed aside or placed on the back-burner to never be touched again. Not to mention an opportunity to evaluate what you need in a relationship that you might not have had before.

Think Of The Children

Let’s be very clear about this: if your toxic relationship is filled with rage-filled fighting and yelling, by no means should either of you two stay together for the sake of the children. This is a recipe for disaster.

When your divorce was brought about because of all the fighting, it is better than your children see that; it draws a clear line for them what an unhealthy relationship looks like. And yes, they will be hurt, even you two did fight. It’s inevitable. However, the difference is making it clear that you two just weren’t working out. Staying together and exposing them to the trauma of your unhealthy relationship only hurts them more and in ways that poison their own relationships in the future.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Divorce oftentimes involves children and when it does, consulting a child custody attorney can determine the best possible custody agreements. Some individuals are capable of co-parenting, others are not. In the event that one parent refuses to pay for anything, child support is a route that a child custody attorney can enact.

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