Litterers Potentially Facing Jail Time After Popping Balloons in Ocean

Imagine for a second spending potentially a year in prison for littering. This could be the reality for several people in Miami. They were caught on video popping balloons off the edge of a boat and into the bay. Supposedly, they popped over 50 balloons. Currently, the police have fined a man and a woman who were involved.

Video Source

Even the company that organized the party is not safe. They too, will likely be fined. This just goes to show how serious the police are taking littering. They are likely hoping that this punishment dissuades any other would be litterers from thinking about littering. However, do these people even think to begin with. The people who could be spending up to a year in prison may find that they need to contact their local bondsman service to stay out of jail in the meantime.

There seems to be a mixed reaction with this case. Some people are ecstatic that something is finally being done about littering. However, others are also expressing concern that a year of jail time for such a minor incident is an oversight.


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