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Measures for Justice – What We Do

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As per the video ‘Measures for Justice- what we do’, a clear explanation of the American judicial system, Justice is at local levels and in addition to it consumes the local budget too. Each state has its laws regulating it, making it difficult to get Justice or pursue a case further. Surprisingly, despite being quite obvious that domestic violence happens, there has been no reporting of such cases in Mississippi.

‘Measures for Justice’ is an organization; the first one ever to research the judicial system. Ranging from prosecutors, victims, judges, the results were displayed for all to see. This was done county by county. The judicial system has shown immense growth in the last four years. The judicial system consumes a huge amount of money every year.

People are prosecuted for different crimes, serve their jail term and are released after serving the term. With this, the victims, after being released, experience challenges due to societal exclusion. Society does not want to be associated with people who have been in jail. So, what can you do to help people who have just been released from jail? How can you help them get integrated back to the community?

There are no long-term studies to help people identify the best ways to do this. In addition to this, there are insufficient resources too. Access to data can help you identify the right measures to take. Various counties after the research show the variances. Some counties have a higher success rate for their judicial system, while others are not successful.

Did you know some judicial systems after the first arrest give people the option of going through counselling, rehab, or alternatives instead of jail? Are you aware of people not committing the offense or any other criminal activity within the first six months of the arrest? Successful judicial systems comprise of such decisions. Whatever works for one county may, however, fail for another.

What is the state of your judicial system? Is it successful? How will you make your judicial system successful? Where will you get the data? Where can you get help from? No doubt the judicial system is an integral part of a place. Citizens should receive the right treatment when faced with criminal charges. Right from the filing of documents in court, to the prosecution process, during the issuance of bails: the defendants in court should get a fair hearing and be allowed to get bail advice. By doing this, the judicial system aims at allowing people to enjoy their rights.

The initiative of Measures for Justice evaluates the state of the judicial systems. Justice is crucial, thus the need to collect data to get the best outcome.

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