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Why You Should Speak with a Disability Lawyer Before Filing a Lawsuit

The majority of people are constantly unsure whether to consult a disability attorney prior to applying for benefits or to apply on their own and consult a lawyer if they are denied. Apart from hiring a lawyer, what other factors should a disabled person consider when applying for benefits? In his brief YouTube video titled “Should You Speak with a Disability Lawyer Before Filing Your Application for Benefits,” Jonathan Ginsberg, a social security disability attorney, states that if you are employed, you must omit that information from your application. Additionally, a positive relationship with a specialist physician who believes in disability is critical.

The video further highlights the importance of consulting a medical professional to evaluate your disability medically and approve your entitlement to benefits as a disabled person before going to the disability law offices. The physician should emphasize the limitations that prevent you from being productive at work.

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You may, however, be denied benefits if your doctor does not believe in disability and maintains that even disabled people can work and earn a living independently. When applying for benefits, you must ensure that you are not under the influence of drugs. .

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