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Three Ways Trademarks and Copyrights Are Different

Though they’re inextricably intertwined and often confused with each other, trademark law and copyright law are really two different, distinct areas. In order to properly protect your intellectual property, you need to know the differences. Here’s a quick little tutorial

Three Personal Injury Cases Too Weird to Be Fiction

Personal injury attorneys are usually willing to take on all sorts of cases, even if the personal injury claim does seem to be a bit far fetched. Though the most common personal injury claims usually involve work place incidents or

What to Do After a Dog Attack

There are an estimated 3.73 million dog bites in the United States each year. People love their pets, but sometimes they bite, which can result in serious injuries. Dog bites can be very serious and should be handled carefully. The

What You Need to Know About Auto Injury Claims

If you’ve experienced injury in a car accident, then filing an auto injury claim may be the only way you have to pay your bills or recoup lost income. But the process is often a complicated one, since insurance companies

Video Depositions Save Time, Hassle, and Money

When witnesses are located at a distance and cannot be present at pretrial proceedings, a remote video conference deposition is sometimes the only viable solution. Just like anything else, however, these scenarios have advantages and disadvantages that can effect the

Three Mistakes to Avoid Making During a Personal Injury Case

Since personal injury accidents can cause a number of financial, physical, and emotional losses and damages, a successful personal injury case is important for getting properly compensated. Pain and suffering, loss of ability to work, lost wages, and medical bills

Live in Ohio? What You Need to Know About Your OVI Laws

Drinking can lead to many great things but one there is one you should avoid at all costs is drunk driving. There is NO excuse for drunk driving. It is dangerous for you, anyone else in the car, and of