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Had an Accident in a Car or at Work? Here’s How to Find a Personal Injury Attorney

Have you been injured in an auto crash? Or have you encountered workplace safety issues and had an accident on the job? If you have dealt with severe injuries due to the negligence of others, you may be entitled to

On April 24, KYRS Will Host Cursive Wires and Harley White Jr at the Big Dipper

Spokane radio station KYRS will host Cursive Wires and Harley White Jr. on Friday, April 24, 2015 at 8 p.m. at the Big Dipper. Both Cursive Wires and Harley White Jr. have been busy in the recording studio recently, and

Know the Length of Patent Protection in the US and Guard Your Innovations

One thing that many people hear about the patent process is that it tends to be incredibly lengthy. While this is true, this process is necessary for intellectual property protection, especially in an age where infringement is easy. In recent

The Difference Between Experienced and Inexperienced Injury Attorneys

If you’ve been injured in an accident and need to work with auto accident injury attorneys to get a fair settlement, then you probably know that finding the right lawyer to guide you in the process is important. But it’s

Three Things You Probably Never Knew About DUI

Driving under the influence is a charge that a lot of people are familiar with, since it can happen to pretty much anyone. DUI is one of those things that people assume will never happen to them until it does,

Only You Can Prevent Car Accidents

Whether they are involved in a car accident with bikes, other cars, or just themselves, most people know what to do after car accidents: pull over, call the police and car accidents lawyers and insurance to file your car accident

5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law, however often it’s referred to on TV, is actually quite misunderstood by the majority of the American public. So if you’re actually considering taking legal action and haven’t gone through the process before, you’ll want to get