The Difference Between Experienced and Inexperienced Injury Attorneys

Car accident compensation

If you’ve been injured in an accident and need to work with auto accident injury attorneys to get a fair settlement, then you probably know that finding the right lawyer to guide you in the process is important. But it’s probably even more important than you think; in terms of the factors you can control about the claims process (and you should realize that there are many that you can’t), hiring the right lawyer is probably the most important. Here’s an idea of how the difference between experienced and inexperienced attorneys might play out:

  • Consultation and Case Review

    Before you decide on whether or not to hire an attorney, you’ll probably be able to receive a complimentary consultation so you can get a better idea of how strong your case is and whether a lawyer thinks you have a good chance at being compensated.

    Experienced injury attorneys will: Give you a realistic assessment of your situation, including a rough estimate of how long you might expect to spend fighting to get the outcome you desire.

    Inexperienced attorneys might: Make promises or guarantees. No matter how strong your case is, there’s absolutely no way to know its outcome.

  • Recommended Course of Action

    Once you’re working with an attorney, there are actually several routes you can take in order to pursue compensation — and not all of them require immediately filing a lawsuit. Lawyers can also help you prepare a third-party claim for an insurance company and send demand letters to get the ball rolling.

    Experienced injury attorneys will: Recommend a conservative first step to maximize the chance of getting a fair settlement without an extended legal process. A lawsuit should be reserved as a worst-case scenario.

    Inexperienced attorneys might: Encourage you to file an aggressive lawsuit without exploring other options first. This is likely to result in a longer legal battle and higher legal fees.

  • Calculating a Target Settlement

    One of the trickiest parts of negotiating in personal injury cases is setting a fair yet realistic target goal for a settlement. This is also one of the best reasons to hire an attorney in the first place, since it’s very difficult for people without legal training to factor in all the necessary facts.

    Experienced injury attorneys will: Shoot for the maximum settlement while still backing up the dollar amount with evidence.

    Inexperienced attorneys might: Tell you to aim as high as possible, even though this may lead to a flat refusal and problems in the negotiations process.

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