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Are You Looking for Judicial Law Clerical Jobs?

A clerical job is among the most competitive employment opportunities always available to new graduates. It’s an excellent way to bridge the gap between attending law school and practicing law. Some law clerks are graduates of law school, usually a 3-year program after a bachelor’s degree.

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Some would work as lawyers, and others pursue a Ph.D. in law.

A clerical job has the following responsibilities:

1. Judicial law clerks help judges prepare in court through in-depth research and legal documents.

2. They just graduated from law school and helped judges stay on top of the vast body of precedent and law on which they base their legal decisions.

3. They assist in communicating with the lawyers involved in the trials and hearings.

4. They prepare legal briefs, review the motions submitted by lawyers, and perform routine tasks such as taking notes, proofreading opinions, entering data, and reviewing forms.

5. Since the judicial work usually occurs in a courtroom, offices, or judge’s chambers, clerical jobs may also travel and conduct interviews or even deliver subpoenas.

6. They work for about 40 hours or more a week. They could even work late in the evening, more often than workers in other professions.

7. They maintain the chamber library and update the court’s schedules and calendars.


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